Diversity + Inclusion


This February we’re proudly kick starting Create London’s integrate programme as we work towards greater diversity & inclusion in entertainment, and across the creative industries.

As a response to a number of our clients’ initiatives, we’re starting out on our diversity and inclusion journey with a view to building up our team to be as representative of the community as possible.  We also recognise that we can best serve our clients by producing work from a diverse range of personalities, backgrounds and cultural sensibilities.


The first step in our D&I journey is benchmarking.  In December 2020 we undertook a staff survey to understand our makeup and are proud to share the key results of that survey here.

The Future 


We're proud of our team's diversity but we recognise there's more we can do to represent the community at large within the agency, and to promote integration and representation across the industry and creative community more broadly.

With that in mind we're excited to be partnering with Creative Media Network, a London based non profit focusing on diversity in the creative communities.

Through our partnership we have committed key members of Create staff to mentor CMN's aspiring talent, building on their skills and providing practical real world opportunities, ultimately collaborating to help build the pipeline of emerging editors, designers, musicians, copywriters and technicians.  We'll be reviewing the diversity survey regularly and tracking our progress publicly, as well as our developments under this programme.

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