Facebook 3D Photos

We’re always up for a challenge and Facebook’s 3D photos function provided a great opportunity to challenge our design and technical teams and deliver some first-of-its-kind content for our clients at NBC Universal.

Since the end of 2018 Facebook has enabled photos taken with dual camera smart phones in ‘Portrait’ mode to retain a 3D effect when posted.  Similar to 380° posts 3D images are very effective thumb-stoppers, they react very differently to the bulk of a Facebook feed immediately jumping as they appear to move in perfect sync with your device.

Our clients at NBC Universal wanted to take advantage of this function for their CORONER campaign, the challenge being that Facebook only accepts 3D photo uploads from a dual camera mobile device, and then only presents photos taken in ‘Portrait’ mode.

Undeterred, our team worked out how to unpick Portrait mode photos, manually generate a depth map amend an image’s metadata making an image of our choosing appear as a 3D photo to the Facebook platform.

Generating a 3D version of existing 2D campaign artwork quickly generates dynamic and interactive social content from existing assets and giving a boost to flat print artwork on Facebook.

Check out the Facebook post here and our Episodics and Catchup spots here!

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