Life is Strange 2

We teamed up with Square Enix to produce an evocative, compelling and atmospheric teaser to the hugely anticipated ‘Life is Strange 2’ which we’re proud has been recognised by the 2018 Clio Entertainment Awards for Games: Main Title.

Life is Strange has a devoted and heavily engaged fan base, and the creative challenge was to make a piece of content that reflected the emotional and introspective tone of the game, infused subtle hints to the content of the new iteration, and had a revelatory, mysterious, arc in and of itself building to a climactic moment, in all 20 seconds.

The springboard for the creative came from the logo design itself, as stitching and patches are a key element within that design. We crafted a completely bespoke animation that visualised the process of self-stitching threads in graceful movements and reactive fabric.  The abstraction of the background space allows the threads themselves to take centre stage and lead the viewer through each shot, as more and more of the logo is revealed in successively wider shots.

website designer developer Colchester, Essex