Summer Holidays, Create Style

After months of secret planning we were thrilled to reveal our summer away day plans to the team, gathered at London Bridge at 7.30am not knowing what to expect.  No, we weren’t going to Brighton, or indeed Ramsgate; for the first time Create London were taking to the skies for a trip to the Côte d’Azur and a night out in Nice!

There we swam in the sea, drank wine, ran from the rain, dried out, dressed up, dined out, roamed the city, swam in the sea some more and tried to remember how to order a late night burger with our GCSE French.  After an eventful 20 hours en Provence, it was time to head home, the team tired, a little sandy and having seen rather more of some of our colleagues than we’d expected, leaving Nice a shadow of its former self and glad it had a weekend to recover….no wait, that’s not right…

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