The Business of Getting Bums on Seats

We’re extremely proud to have been part of several innovative campaigns this year which have contributed to UK Cinema admissions making a significant rise and potentially hitting a nearly 50 year high.  Theories abound as to the cause of this boost; but it’s clear that a big screen experience can still find its audience.  Consumers value cinema and the offering of VOD platforms equally and with the support of some great campaigns, recognise the different experiences each can offer.

A straw poll of the Create team finds many of us *know people* who saw MAMMA MIA and THE GREATEST SHOWMAN multiple times during their theatrical runs, so there’s clearly something to the genre.  Understanding the sensibilities of the moviegoer is key to motivating an audience, especially if the ambition is to get repeat business.

We’re excited to be working on several campaigns for the last few months of the year which we hope will see 2018 break the admissions record set in 1970 and set us up for a thrilling awards season in 2019.

Interestingly the box office in 1970 was topped by Paramount’s LOVE STORY starting Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal and familiar to any fan of The Kid Stays In The Picture.  Adjusting for inflation that film took just over $682m at the domestic box office, which puts it on a surprisingly even footing with the blockbusters of 2018.

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