Getting Our Hands Dirty For Deadpool 2

DEADPOOL 2 has challenged us to produce work for the big screen – the biggest in Europe, actually – to some of the smallest.  The Piccadilly Lights advertising space in London presented a particular challenge; the screen is huge and eye-catching, but putting meaningful creative up there which effectively captures our audience’s imagination while making effective use of the dynamic ‘sliding panels’ mechanism of the screens was never going to be easy.  Fortunately many of the lessons we’ve learnt grabbing the attention of distracted audience scrolling through their social media feeds helped and we were able to transfer our experiences from the smallest screens up to the biggest.

This week we’re pleased to be able to round off our work on the campaign by getting physical for the home entertainment release.  Check out our home-baked home entertainment graphics as well as our international social creative and Piccadilly Lights work here.


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