2020 Boosts Home Entertainment Figures

It comes as no surprise that 2020 was a record breaking year for the international home entertainment market, with everyone staying safely indoors and cinemas closed the streamers have provided some of the only new entertainment available. However, the results published at the start of the year in the trades are not forecasts, and while January […]

Creativity and Innovation During a Crisis

The challenges our industry has faced have been unprecedented. During this crisis, as a company, our attention has been focused on the health and welfare of all of our staff and clients.  We’ve then looked at our functionality in how to remain secure, and how to logistically continue to deliver to a high standard in […]

Marvellous Women – Super HERoes!

While we celebrated the women of Create London this International Women’s Day, enjoying an afternoon of cake and tea, Captain Marvel was storming the international box office. It was the biggest ever opening for a Marvel standalone debut and we’re proud to have been involved in the campaign. If the film itself doesn’t show the […]

The Impact of Social Media

As we approach the third anniversary of Create London’s first full social media campaign, we thought we’d take a look back at how social media has influenced our behaviour, and the expectations of the audiences who see our work, and share some of the lessons we’ve learnt along the way. Not so long ago that […]

More Secrets of Great Movie Trailers

More secrets are out!  This time Co-Presidents of Create, Carrie and Jonathan contribute to the to the exhilarating Vice expose on Why you can’t stop watching movie trailers – https://news.vice.com/en_us/article/594g5d/this-is-why-you-cant-stop-watching-movie-trailers

10 Secrets About Movie Trailers

Always pleased to see a member of the Create team getting some press attention (and for the right reasons in this case). Check out the Radio Times article on film trailers, with secrets spilled by our very own Suneil Beri.  10 secrets about movie trailers – from the people who make them.

The Best Movie Trailers of 2017

Thanks to the folks at Polygon for including our Baby Driver international trailer in their round up of the best trailers of 2017!  See their full list here

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